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Scott Hempy

​Scott Hempy was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 of 2016 in the realm of Energy. He is the co-founder of Filld, an on-demand fuel delivery company. 

Filld is the Uber of on-demand fuel delivery. Out of gas? No problem! Just pull up the Filld app on your phone and mark your location. A FIlld truck will come and fill you up!  

Scott attended K-6 at Vieja Valley from 1997 - 2004. He went on to La Colina Junior High and San Marcos High School. Scott is a graduate from Westment College.

Q&A with Scott

VV: What was your favorite subject as a young student? 
Scott: I really enjoyed the subjects of history & science as a young student. I enjoyed learning the process of what people had accomplished (and invented) in the past, and learning how "things" worked always intrigued me.  
VV: Which teacher at Vieja had a lasting impression?
Scott: I really enjoyed Mr. Nelson, who made learning cool, and Lynn Seigel-Boettner, who encouraged us to learn not just in the classroom, but (for me) through creativity and building things - something I still do today at Filld. 
VV: Do you have a fond Vieja Valley memory?
Scott: I really enjoyed how we were allowed to be creative and think outside the box. One particular example was when for our 6th grade play, a few friends and I decided we wanted to form a band to play music while people were seated before the show started. Our teachers were thrilled and willing to allow us to plan this ourselves and put it together - putting lots of trust in our abilities and ideas. 
VV: When and how did Filld evolve?
Scott: Filld was an idea that occurred when my wife and I were driving and I (creatively, I suppose) was talking about how Air Force 1 can refuel in-flight and how I wished that could happen for cars on the freeway. My wife laughed and said, "why don't you just have someone come fill your car up while you are at work". It seemed simple, and in the increasingly "on-demand" economy, like something that might already exist. After digging around and finding out it did not, I began to think about what it would take to start the business. I brought the idea to a friend and we decided that it might be worth giving it a try. A few months later, we had left our jobs, were working on Filld full time, and had our first delivery truck, an iPhone App, and a couple of hundred people using the service! It has just continued to grow from there. 
VV: Any special message you'd like for the kids of Vieja Valley to know? Or a quote or motto you live by?
Scott: The most important thing that has stuck with me from when I was at Vieja Valley to today is that crazy creative ideas can become reality if you stick with it. From a 6th grade band, to wanting to build my own boat, all the way to creating Filld are only possible if you are willing to take a risk, give it a try, and not worry about failing.

Interviewed 2015-16 school year


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