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What's New at VV? / ¿QUÉ HAY DE NUEVO EN VV?
  • We had four new teachers starting in August 2021! Welcome to Ms. Spracher, Mrs. Bolton, Mrs. Leach, and Mrs. Barker
  • Our remodel of the Multipurpose Room (MPR) began Summer 2021
  • A stand-alone Transitional Kindergarten class is being taught by Mrs. S-B and it's the first in our district
  • The district has purchased new tablets for kindergarten and all staff received new tablets to use for screen sharing in the classroom
  • The outgoing 6th Grade donated a new bench that faces our ABC Garden and quad


  • ¡Tuvimos cuatro nuevos maestros a partir de agosto de 2021! Bienvenidos a la Sra. Spracher, la Sra. Bolton, la Sra. Leach y la Sra. Barker
  • Nuestra remodelación del Salón de Usos Múltiples (MPR) comenzó en el verano de 2021
  • La Sra. S-B está impartiendo una clase independiente de Kindergarten de transición y es la primera en nuestro distrito.
  • El distrito ha comprado nuevas tabletas para el jardín de infantes y todo el personal recibió nuevas tabletas para usar para compartir la pantalla en el aula.
  • El sexto grado saliente donó un banco nuevo que da a nuestro jardín y patio ABC.
HSD Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop in children the knowledge, skills and attitudes to instill a lifelong love of learning and to become productive and contributing individuals in a changing society.


Nuestra misión es desarrollar en los niños los conocimientos , habilidades y actitudes para inculcar un amor de por vida por el aprendizaje y convertirnos en individuos productivos y contribuyentes en una sociedad cambiante.

Most recent info about "Process When COVID Case in Class" (posted 8/26/2021)

I understand that the details are overwhelming (believe me, I ***deeply ***understand!). We are working in a situation with rapidly changing information and protocols, supply and demand issues, varying opinions, and oftentimes conflicting advice. However, we are doing our absolute best to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
Here is a basic rundown of our process:

  1. We are notified of a case. If the student is at school, the student is isolated and picked up as soon as possible. If the student has a sibling or siblings living in the same household, they are also isolated and picked up since they are considered unmasked close contacts. Short-term independent study is offered.
  2. We work with the parent/guardian, student, and teacher to determine who might be an unmasked close contact. Those students are notified and go on full quarantine (to be completed at home). Short-term independent study is offered.
  3. The rest of the class is considered masked close contacts and are notified and go on modified quarantine. There are three choices to modified quarantine (see attached quarantine notification letter template). That means that they can attend school***only.***They may not participate in any other activities such as soccer, after school care programs (unless the after school care program can provide staff to ensure students on modified quarantine do not mix with other students at all), play dates, etc.

The CDPH offers modified quarantine to schools because in-person instruction is a priority. They felt that schools can properly oversee the requirements of modified quarantining since it is a controlled environment. Please note, when a COVID exposure is outside of a school environment (for example, an active case of COVID in a household), modified quarantine is not an option. This is only for when a student is a close contact from being on a school campus.
4) We notify any adults working on the campus that there was an active COVID case per CalOSHA requirements.
5) We schedule a COVID disinfection cleaning for any rooms with active COVID cases with our cleaning company to occur that night. Please note that regular cleaning (including cleaning of all high touch surfaces) occurs on a nightly basis for all classrooms and bathrooms.
6) We enter any quarantined students into a district tracking sheet and begin tracking quarantines, including the testing required. SBCPHD is notified of the positive COVID case.
A note about COVID testing
We have been accepted into a CDPH testing support program. I am hoping that this can start as early as September 7th. We do not yet have all the details, but from what I understand the CDPH will be connecting us to a company who will run weekly testing for any parent/guardian or staff member who opts in. This is self-administered (supervised by trained staff), pooled testing. This testing can be used to fulfill the required testing in the modified quarantine and in the testing required to shorten quarantines to 8 days. This will also help us monitor and control exposures on campuses. More information, including how to opt in, will come when I know more.
We do understand that when your child is suddenly in quarantine, even a modified quarantine, it is disruptive, confusing, and frustrating. We will try our best to work with you and support you.
Thank you for doing everything possible to keep our COVID cases down.
Anne Hubbard, Ed.D.

Kindergarten registration packets are now available! (¡También en español!)
Kindergarten Registration Forms - Coming Soon

If you or someone you know in the Hope School District has an incoming TK or Kindergartener, make sure to download your enrollment packet (attached below) and email it to Miss Chelsea at as soon as possible. The sooner it is turned in, the better!

It is very important that you contact us and get your name on the list BEFORE downloading your paperwork so that we are counting you in our numbers. Call the office, 805-967-1239, or email Miss Chelsea at to be put on the list.

Please also be aware that our Kindergarten Parent Information Night will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, March 17 from 6:00-7:00pm! More details about parent night can be found in the enrollment packet and attached below (copy and paste into your browser!).

En español:

Bond Measure J

The Hope Elementary School District passed Measure J bond of $47.4 million dollars in March 2020. The district is beginning the launch of the Measure J bond program with the first projects going out to bid in April 2021. It will include new and modernization projects at our three elementary schools – Hope, Monte Vista, and Vieja Valley.

The first series of $12 million dollars was sold in May 2020 and received in June 2020 and deposited in fund 22. The district must spend 85% of those proceeds within three years. Staff predicts all $47.4 million proceeds will bill spent by 2025. Closing out the bond program requirements by June 2026.

Our first project, the modernization of the multi-purpose room at Vieja Valley. Is anticipated to go out to bid early April 2021.

For more information please see additional sections on webpage to review school site project list, timeline and status.

Sunrise at Vieja - January 2021